The Milk Bar

The Milk Bar is a psychedelic, free-flowing dreamscape of milkiness.


Experimental Short Film

 21 minutes


WORLD PREMIERE March 9, 2019

at Metro Cinema in Edmonton, AB


Directed by: Julia Grochowski

Executive Producer: NIUBOI

Creative Directors: Julie Ferguson and Stuart Hoye

Edited by: Julia Grochowski

Performances by: Julie Ferguson and Stuart Hoye

Original Score Composed by: Julie Ferguson and Stuart Hoye

Lighting and grip by: Mike Robertson

Production Assistant: Liam Kavanagh-Bradette

Special thanks to Jesse McPhee, Maggie Baird, FAVA, and Werkstatt.

NIUBOI is a trans Non-Binary alien and uses they/them pronouns. 

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¬©Julie Ferguson 2019