Image by Borys Tarasenko

a performance art piece

disguised as a pop concert

pretending to be a talk show

Photos by Mat Simpson

"The lack of pretension is affecting and can be off-putting if you’re not ready for it, which you aren’t.

If you have ever felt like you’re too weird to be around most people, NIUBOI x Earth shows you kinship."

previous iterations

Nextfest 2019

Edmonton international fringe festival 2019


content warning

strobe lights, political ideals, and never-ending earworms.


Mel Priestley

"...politically charged and socially relevant messages, campy songs..., wild costumes, and a bizarre montage of video clips."

Fish Griwkowsky

The Edmonton Journal

"[A] trippy-cosmic cabaret talk show that super delivers on a promise of “strobe lights, political ideals and never-ending earworms.”

David Rae

"NIUBOI pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, using delightful costumes, subversive messaging, and an expressive intention that seeks to touch you in the heart and evolve your mind."

NIUBOI is a trans Non-Binary alien and uses they/them pronouns. 

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