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Photo by Liam MacKenzie

About niuboi


NIUBOI came from space to save the world from a life of blasé mundanity. They are a trans non-binary alien and use they/them pronouns.


Their work combines visual art, movement, and theatrical practice to create both live and digital performances, videos, and installations that explore queerness, futurism, and joy.


Their self-created works have been presented by Fluid Fest, Found Festival, The Chinook Series, Mile Zero Dance, Odd Wednesday, The Dirt Buffet Cabaret, Nextfest, and more.


Their 2018 performance as Kes in Scorch by Stacey Gregg earned them a nomination for Outstanding Fringe Performance by an Actor in a Drama at the 2018/19 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards.


They were also the 2018 recipient of Edmonton Fringe Theatre's Nordic Cloutier Award for Innovation and of Good Women Dance Collective's New Work Award.

NIUBOI was a competitive dancer as a child and was privileged to spend four years training in stage management at the University of Alberta. They now only work as an SM for their friends.


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