NIUBOI came from space to save the world from a life of blasé mundanity. They live and work in Amiskwaciy (Edmonton) on Treaty 6 territory. They are a trans non-binary alien and use they/them pronouns.


Their work combines visual art, movement, and theatrical practice to create performance, video, installation, and cabaret works that explore queerness, futurism, and joy.


Their self-created works Tip Off! (dance), Glass Washrooms (theatre), The Milk Bar (film), Antiquation (installation), and NIUBOI x Earth (politi-pop concert) have been presented by Fluid Fest, Found Festival, The Chinook Series, Mile Zero Dance, Odd Wednesday, and Nextfest. 

Awards + Recognition:

  • Elizabeth Sterling Hayes Nomination 2018/2019

    • Outstanding Fringe Performance by an Actor in a Drama (Scorch) 2018/2019

  • Edmonton Fringe Theatre's Nordic Cloutier Award for Innovation 2018

  • Good Women Dance Collective's New Work Award 2018


  • This is actively Built Residency 2019/2020

    • curated by Nate Yaffe at Fluid festival (Calgary) and Queer Performance Camp (Montreal).


  • Highland Dance (8 years)

  • RAD Ballet, Adapt Jazz, + Competitive: Lyrical, Modern, Musical Theatre (7 years)

  • BFA: Technical Theatre Specializing in Stage Management (Class of 2014)

  • Pochinko Clown Intensive (Baby Clown) with Jan Henderson (2014)

  • Go-Go Dancing at Dance Code Studio (2015)

  • Ballet with Jake Hastey at Toy Guns Dance Theatre (2016)

  • Dance invasion and improvisation with Amber Borotsik (2014-2016)

  • Winnipeg Screendance Intensive with Constance Cook (2016)


  •  The Dome (IN PROGRESS)

  • NIUBOI x Earth (Nextfest and Fringe 2019)

  • Club Kids, Redux (Nextfest 2019)

  • Glass Washrooms (Found Festival 2017, Chinook Series 2019)

  • Tip Off! (Nextfest 2018, Expanse 2019)

  • The Milk Bar: the film (premiered March 2019_

  • Queers on Queerz: The Mechanical Cabaret (Nextfest 2018)

  • Antiquation (TJLab 2017, Nextfest 2017, The Chinook Series 2018, Fluid Fest 2018)

  • PLASTIC (RAW 2017, Odd Wednesday, Mile Zero Dance 2017, Gravity 2018)

  • The Great Canadian Beaver Party (Mile Zero Dance 2017)

  • The Milk Bar (Odd Wednesday 2016 + Chinook Festival 2017)

  • The Explorers (Found Festival Grounds 2016)

  • PARADISE (Nextfest Dancefest 2016)

  • EASY (Screendance filmed by Julia Grochowski)

  • The Silence Project (Punctuate! Theatre 2014)

  • Scars Are Healing Wrong (Expanse Festival 2013 + Second Playing Space 2014) 

  • 13 Encounters at the Bottom of the Sea (Edmonton Fringe 2019)

  • Scorch (Bustle and Beast 2018)

  • The Milkyway Express (In Arms Theatre Collective 2017)

  • Say Anything: A GWG Performance in 17 Parts (Mile Zero Dance 2017)

  • Bright Lights/Cold Water (Toy Guns Dance Theatre 2016)

  • Everyone We Know Will Be There (Tiny Bear Jaws 2016)

  • Neutron Stars (Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy 2016)

  • The Unorthodox Coordinates of Razz the StarChild (The Infinity Ensemble 2015)

  • Streaming (Mile Zero Dance 2015)

  • The Lobbyists (Expanse Festival 2014)

To make ca$h, they freelance as a stage/event/production manager and administrator for companies such as Punctuate! Theatre,  Mile Zero Dance, Catch the Keys Productions, Rapid Fire Theatre, Firefly Theatre and Circus,  The Late Nite Cabaret, St. Albert Children's Festival, The Capitol Theatre, Dancefest, and Good Women Dance Collective.

NIUBOI is a trans Non-Binary alien and uses they/them pronouns. 

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