Photo by Marc J. Chalifoux

Installation and performance

A showcase of NIUBOI's experiments in obsolescence;

Antiquation explores where our devices go when they become obsolete. 

Created and performed by NIUBOI

previous installations:

Theatre Junction Grand's TJLAB 2017 (Calgary, AB)

NextFest's Workshop Series 2017 (Edmonton, AB)

Chinook Series 2018 presented by Azimuth Theatre (Edmonton, AB)

Body in Space: An Art Party at Fluid Fest 2018 presented by Swallow-a-Bicycle (Calgary, AB)

Antiquation was originally workshopped at Theatre Junction GRAND’s TJLAB Series and NextFest’s Workshop Program with support from The Edmonton Arts Council, The City of Edmonton, and The Canada Council for the Arts. 


Special Thanks to

Kristi Hansen, Vanessa Sabourin, Amber Borotsik, Chris Kavanagh, Rae Dunn, Celia McGhan, Mike Robertson, Curtis Baranow, Marc J. Chalifoux, Stuart Hoye, Trent Crosby, Pil Hansen, Adam Patrick Bell, Kim Creller, Theatre Junction GRAND, Maggie Baird,  Ellen Chorley, Stephanie Bahniuk, Alana Rice, Chris Dela-Cruz, NextFest Arts Co, burgerfinger, DomFool

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NIUBOI is a trans Non-Binary alien and uses they/them pronouns. 

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