Photo by Tracy Kolenchuk


Dance piece

PARADISE explores the joyful weightlessness that comes when travelling and exploring unknown lands


Created and Performed by Julie Ferguson Dylan Parsons

PARADISE premiered at Nextfest 2016 

Part of Dancefest's Velocity Program, June 9-11

Curated by the Good Women Dance Collective

at the Roxy on Gateway


Special Thanks to

Ainsley Hillyard, Gerry Morita, Krista Posyniak, Trent Crosby, Stephanie Bahniuk, 

Kasia Brytan, Samantha Kennedy, Ben Gorodetsky, Ernest DeJesus, Tracy Kolenchuk

Good Women Dance Collective, Mile Zero Dance, Dirt Buffet Cabaret

Nextfest Arts Company

NIUBOI is a trans Non-Binary alien and uses they/them pronouns. 

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