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Glass Washrooms

Glass Washrooms is a deeply moving and personal account of NIUBOI's life growing up, coming out, and living now as trans non-binary.


Visibility in public spaces can be unnerving for gender non-conforming humans, but NIUBOI chooses to be neither passing nor quiet. Glass Washrooms combines storytelling, site generic theatre, and dance to make public the private transformation a meek young girl into a strong, powerful androgyne. Glass Washrooms will encourage the audience to think about the need for gender inclusive washrooms, see trans people as relatable and human, and celebrate non-binary identities.


Written and performed by NIUBOI

Directed by Beth Dart

Dramaturgy by David van Belle, Mieko Ouchi, Megan Dart, and Ainsley Hillyard.

Original direction and dramaturgy by Michelle Nancy Kennedy


This 45-minute solo performance

Premiered at Found Festival 2017

Performed at Chinook Series 2019

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NIUBOI is a trans Non-Binary alien and uses they/them pronouns. 

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